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Welcome to my poetry page. This includes all original poetry written by me, Danielle Tucker. I hope you enjoy your stay. This is Copyrighted material, do not reproduce withouth permission or you will be prosecuted. Thanks.


The dark, gray corner
Loneliness is the taste of a bitter apple,
The scent of rotting meat,
The sight of so called friends talking behind one another's backs,
The noise of a crying child that was left by it's mother.
Loneliness is something that, when seen, breaks one's heart.

Facing the Truth

Facing the truth of pain
Causes me to drain
All my heart and soul
Calling out for all to know
How much I long
To tell them how not to fall
To keep them from the pain
Of it all
Lifting them up in prayer
Keeping them from down there
Sheltering them from the world.
Friendship is a delicate thing
Takes time to build
But only seconds to destroy.
Share your heart
Share compliments
And go far in life.



Dumbfounded I sit staring off into oblivion.
Wondering pondering when this torment will end.
My heart longs to rip her from the grip of pain.
Yet my spirit knows she will learn the lesson it teaches.
Not knowing what to say, I'm silent.

The anger rises up within me without end.
Why does this have to happen to her?
Why does it have to happen to one I love?
I'd love to take her pain, only to be replaced with joy.
Her insecurity to become peace.

Her hunger for compliments
Only brought her farther from the Maker.
Residing within me, her pain fills my heart.
Coming along side me, her strength fails her.
I struggle to pick her up, only to drop her again.

I call out..."Father, pick us up...
Only you can strengthen us in all our weaknesses.
Holy One, help us in all this pain and sorrow,
Replace it with relief and dancing."
And it was done.



A vast, endless green sea,
Hope is the juice of life that tastes of the water of life.
The smell reminds me of fresh air without any impurities.
It's the vision of having a future and something to look forward to.
You can hear it with the sound of a mother telling a child that they can do anything they put their mind to.
To have hope is like a new rainfall on the dry ground, to have a future.



Joy is a bright afternoon sky,
That tastes of fruity lollipops like the ones young children eat,
The scent of newly opened rose buds that just showed their colors for the very first time.
It's the view of joyous children playing,
Laughing under the bright sun.
This is the feeling of finding out for the first time that the someone special loves you.



Pain is black like the darkest hour of the darkest night.
It tastes like a sour strawberry in one's mouth,
And the odor is of death, lurking in the shadows.
Pain is the sight of a small child curled up in the corner of their bed, crying itself to sleep
It's heard throughout the world as a call for help to fulfill their desperate needs.
And when felt, feels like a knife stabbing through your heart.



Hatred towards fellow people
How can this be under the steeple?
It's not how God formed us
How could Satan just reform us?
It's destroying us as a race
And it's something we have to face.
Unity? Or segregation?
Like marriage or separation
Work together to make something better
Or do you not care, does it not matter?
Superiority or equality?
This is the question, make the right choice, or forever hold your peace.



What does the cross signify to you?
How do you plea of your sins?
Do you know Jesus loves you?
Well you should.
It's true. He loves YOU!
Why else do you think He died on the cross? And then rose from the dead?
To produce a miracle? Not hardly.
What does the word SALVATION mean to you?
To me it was the dawn of a new day.
A new beginning of my life.
This decision brought true joy and happiness.
It brought a meaning to my life instead of living for myself, I'm living for God.
Salvation is the only way to heaven, if you aren't saved, forget about all of your works, they won't get you anywhere.



Anger resides in her heart
Why can't anyone understand?
Why must she be alone in the world?
She runs to many seeking empathy
Receiving none, came home carelessly.
Searching for a place to stay
She asks and her friends say
No room available, sorry
Although thy don't speak it
She can't help but see it
They don't care for her
She asks herself time and time again
Why do I keep taking in
Such childish acts of those I don't need?
But then she realizes she never tried
Thought she could just reside
Within her thoughts with no need
For someone she could trust but now she takes heed
Her thought are
Killing her, inside out.



A girl walks home all alone.
With thoughts of suicide in her mind
Why not? She had nothing else to live for
Couldn't she just take her own life and take herself out of this misery?
Why not?
All her life she had not been good enough.
She hadn't met any expectations people had set for her.
If she wasn't good enough, why should she live?
To be in pain all her life? I think not.
A girl from her class walks up to her with a smile on her face.
Walks the girl home, finds out they live rather close. Why not?
She invites the lonely outcast out to the mall with some friends.
Why not go? She had nothing to lose.
That day, a life was saved.



Suspicion rises within me
Could he really love me for me?
Is he serious about how he would marry me?
Life is such a dream.
How could all of this be?
My life has become a blur
Days turning into months
Like a stream into a river.
His voice seems almost mystical.
Almost like he's not really there.
Though, I know with all that is within me
He is my "husband-to-be"
Who loves me forever and always,
And whom I will be one withsomeday.



A deep red rose,
That tastes as dark chocolate, almost too good to be true.
It's the smell of the sweetest of perfumes,
Love is the sight of the most gorgeous sunsets of all time.
With the whisper of the person you love, it is there.
It's the feeling of knowing that someone cares, having pure happiness.



His passion streams from his lips
Like a trickling waterfall
Such small words spoken
Yet add them together and they mean a lot
Words with meaning
Backed with his heart
Only could I dream of this before now.
Never before had I seen such commitment
In such a man's heart.
He says what he means
And means what he says.
That's just one more thing I will always love about him.