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My Pictures

Here's just a collection of pictures of me and my friends, hope you enjoy!!!!!


This is my sophomore year school pic...not too bad, but I like this year's'll be up soon


Here's what everybody's been bugging me for, this year's school pic...enjoy...

school pic 2001


This is my niece who's now 7 years old and myself a couple years back at a zoo in San Antonio. I don't like this pic, but a couple of my friends made me put it up here....oh well.

glamour shots in green

My mom and I went and had Glamour Shots taken where they do your make up and hair and well...yeah, this is how I looked afterward..interesting and different to say the least.

me in indianapolis

Here, I'm about 3 years old playing in the leaves when we lived in Indiana.

duckie suit

AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ain't I precious?????


This is me when I was REALLLLLLLY little...what's scary is when I grew up I had a doll that fit perfectly into those clothes that I was wearing in that picture...


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